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Scombroid Poisoning: When A Yummy Dinner Turns Toxic

There’s nothing as wonderful as a dinner shared with people you love and a menu of fresh-caught tuna and yellowtail broiled with herbs, spices, olive oil and butter. That is, until dinner turns toxic. Five of us shared this yummy dinner and all five of us suffered the symptoms of scombroid poisoning. If it sounds […]

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The Unhealthy Truth about our food supply

Is Our Food Killing Us?

Is our food killing us? Asking this question is logical given what’s happened since the introduction in the mid-1990s of genetically modified seeds to increase production – some say so we can feed the world, others say so that agribusiness can reap higher profits. During this same timeframe the rate of food allergies and obesity […]

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Fad Diet Hunger Games

Many Americans will try almost any new thing to lose weight. The problem is fad diets NEVER work . . . at least not in the long term. Any diet can help you lose water and even muscle weight in a very short period of time. But in order to maintain the loss, you have […]

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Is Fear Making Us Fat?

There is no disputing that as a nation we are becoming more obese each year. The CDC has an interesting graphic showing the dramatic increase in obesity over the last 20 years Right now, the even healthiest state in the union, Colorado, has an obesity rate of over a 20% with the unhealthiest states […]

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